Placing a price on content writing

Up until now, I've noticed that many companies don't place as much value on the content of their site as they do on its design. “Why should I spend as much money on content as on how my site looks?” has been heard often when I've quoted my rates for a project.

It seems that companies, from small start-ups to huge chains such as Argos and Starbucks, value design over substance, but if you're in a similar boat, this could prove to be a costly mistake. Yes, the design of your site is what instantly grabs customers – it has to be visually appealing, stylish and easy to navigate. It also has to load quickly, as on average visitors will only wait three seconds for a site to load before simply going elsewhere. But this doesn't ensure a high Google ranking (in truth, nothing guarantees this). What makes your site stand out from the crowd is simple – its content.

Having a professional copywriter create pages for your site is all well and good, but what if your site then sits, unloved and unchanged for a good 12 months before you go back to it? Keeping the content on your site fresh is key to achieving a high Google ranking, and it can also help to keep current customers engaged whilst attracting new customers.

Having a blog or other similar feature on your site which can regularly be updated with relevant content is the key to a successful website, and as a professional writer, there's nothing I hate more than a poorly written blog filled with spelling errors. It gives off a terrible first impression and makes your business look unreliable.

So is it worth paying as much for content as it is for design? I say absolutely. 'Of course', you're thinking, 'she would say that because writing is her business.' Whilst that's true, from a consumer's point of view, if I wasn't a writer I would be happy to pay someone to write the content for my own site, or even manage my Twitter account for me. That's because I believe the written word is as important, if not more important than visuals when it comes to attracting and maintaining a loyal customer base.

So next time you're tempted to ask a copywriter if they'll slash their rates for creating content for your site, because you've already blown the budget on web design, stop and think for a second. Is the person you're hiring a professional writer – do they do this for a living? Asking for a discount is great and all, but take into account that they still have a living to make, and for many writers, there are periods of the year when work is thin on the ground. Your project may be the only one they're working on, and as they say, you get what you pay for.

If you're looking for a professional service, well-written content and copy that will engage visitors to your site, get in touch to discuss your needs– if I'm unavailable, I'm happy to recommend other reliable writers who can provide an excellent service!