Adventures in Edinburgh - Part one

Today's a day in London unlike any other. That's because last Thursday I climbed aboard the Caledonian express sleeper train to Edinburgh and a whole new life! I must admit I was a bit skeptical about how comfortable the sleeper train journey would be - or even whether I would actually get any sleep - but I was pleasantly surprised. 

Comfy bunk  

Comfy bunk  

Bedding down in the bottom bunk, I was pleased to find out I wasn't sharing the cabin with anyone else - which seemed like a luxury given the price I paid for the tickets! I actually slept pretty well and was woken at 7am by the steward with steaming hot tea and Scottish shortbread. I could get used to that! The highlight of the journey was definitely rolling up the shutters as the sun come up, shortly after 5am, and seeing nothing but fields of greenery and sheep. A far cry from the urban surroundings of London that I've called home for the last 4 years!

 Moving North

 This wasn't just any trip north of the border though - I'd come with a purpose other than to eat copious amounts of haggis and drink obscene amounts of whisky (Scottish stereotypes anyone?) In fact, I was in the city to pick up keys to my new flat - a flat I hadn't even set eyes on yet as I trusted a friend to view it for me. The 3 hour wait for my estate agency appointment felt like it was taking forever. Even breakfast and another cup of tea at the lovely Tani Modi on Hanover Street didn't do much to speed things up! 

I found myself sitting in Princes Street Gardens at 9am, watching the world go by, with views of the Castle. 


 I realised how eclectic the population of Edinburgh is, especially at 9am on a Friday morning. Everyone from homeless Big Issue sellers to Japanese tourists and suited and booted city workers walked past- I'd found a prime people-watching spot.

It's only taken me 17 months to get my s*** together and make the move north - I talked about it in my blog post back In January 2014, but never actually thought it would happen.

The weekend in Edinburgh - well, the Friday and a surprisingly hot and sunny Saturday morning - passed all too fast and I'm happy to say I'm now the owner of a set of keys to a lovely new pad in the North of the city, just a short stroll from the city centre.

 I realised how beautiful Edinburgh is compared to South-East London, and how much slower the pace of life is up here. Did you know that Edinburgh has more listed buildings than any city in the world? The things you learn...

Now I'm back in London and the hard work begins - packing for my move in under 3 weeks time. I've seen the new pad and am really excited for what lies ahead, and for the new experiences that are waiting! Most of all, I feel really lucky that I can do my job from anywhere - and that I enjoy it so much. 

If you're looking for a copywriter in Edinburgh - I am around! 


          My new pad!! 

          My new pad!!